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My morning with Rachel and Nicole

How about my two Co-workers Rachel Lutzker and Nicole Jacobs!!! (Applause Please)
Neither are runners. Yet both are setting out to do the half marathon (13.1 miles.)
My marathon group was scheduled to run 12 miles; the half marathon group was scheduled to run 9. So I figure I’ll run the 9 with them then run another 3 after that.
We all met at the fountain in Glastonbury at about 7:30 am and after a little stretching off we went. It was a big turnout. It’s always fun to see 30 or more people running down the sidewalk and watching driver’s reactions.
The run was smooth and comfortable. We kept a nice 11 minute pace and talked most of the way… which of course news people seem to have no problem doing… talking that is. (Wrap it up!!)
After the run we celebrated with a coffee and bagel. Well done team! Nice job.
Then of course I still had more running to do if I wanted to stay on schedule. So off I went. The enthusiasm of Rachel and Nicole must have stayed with me because I ended up doing 6 more miles instead of 3 for a total of 15. What was in the coffee?

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